In the mid to late 1800ís Byron John Fee Trotter set aside a piece of his property for a private cemetery dedicated to his family and heirs. The proper name for this cemetery is The BJF Trotter Heirs Private Cemetery. It joins the Cedar Grove Cemetery which also lies on property donated by Byron Trotter. They are located in the Northwest part of Scott County less than a mile from the Logan County line on the East side of 71 highway in the Boothe Community.

The first burials in the BJF Trotter cemetery were those of Capt. Isaac and Susan Bagwell, an Uncle and aunt of Byrons wife, Sarah. These graves lie on the Northern side of the cemetery and a rock at each grave is their only marker. Other graves with rock markers are an infant son and an infant daughter of Byron and Sarah, infant son of Hansel and Minnie Trotter, infant son of Aulton and Merle Trotter, and E. T. (Big Lige) Winters, husband of Cordie.

Cordie or Cordella, was the step daughter of Byron, the daughter of Sarah and her first husband, Kit Boothe. The community took itís name from Kitís brother, A. T. Boothe, who was married to Sarahís sister. A. T. Boothe donated property on top of Boothe Hill for a church, Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church which is still active. He also donated land just South of the church for the Boothe school.

Kit Boothe died before Cordie was born and after his death Sarah went to live with the Trotters. After the baby was born, Byron became quite enamored with the beautiful Sarah. As a guise to get to talk to her he secretly cut a button off his shirt. Then he took it to Sarah and asked her to sew it on. His ploy worked, as they were married soon after.

The children born to Byron and Sarah were, Samuel Reid (also called Buster or Uncle Buck), Mineola (who was called Minnie), Rogers, Hester, Beulah, Nellie, and Hansel (who was known as Hank or Toby). Of these only Buster, Rogers, Minnie and Hank are buried in the family cemetery.

The 1880 census shows Isaac Bagwell as being a widower so the date of the beginning of the cemetery is uncertain even though the sign states 1881.

It seems kind of ironic that Rogers Trotters daughter, Cleo, has 2 deceased husbands buried here but she is not. At the time of her death she was married to a retired military man and he had her buried (against her wishes) in the National Cemetery in Ft. Smith, AR.

The horse watering trough which sits directly in front of Byron and Sarahís graves is believed to have been made by Byron and his sons. At one time it was in use on the family farm in Boothe.

This is a private family cemetery and as such only heirs of Byron John Fee and Sarah Elizabeth Ann Trotter and their families are allowed interment here. The cemetery is supported entirely by donations which can be made by contacting any member of the cemetery board or by mailing your check to:

Allied Band of Mansfield
Trotter Family Cemetery Account
P. O. Box 387
Mansfield, AR 72944

Please make your check out to: Trotter Heirs Private Cemetery Fund

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